Find It, Fund It Programme

2-Day Live Programme

14th/15th January 2023 - Birmingham

Everything you need to strategise, source and fund

profitable property deals in the current economy.

  • Develop a crystal clear, personalised plan of action

  • Learn the exact strategies you’ll use to find the best deals

  • Get access to multiple lines of funding for your deals

  • Get access to Saj’s Private Power Team of Solicitors & Funders


  • 21 Motivated Sellers Leads Guaranteed for your area

  • Guaranteed access to funding your deal that stacks (inc. Shariah compliant options)

  • Saj’s Contracts, Templates, Check Lists & Deal Analysers

Limited Time Only

  • Bring 1 guest FREE of charge! (First 5 bookings only)

  • Repeat the training FREE of charge (Available until midnight)

  • 12 months of access to online recordings

100% Money-Back Guarantee